Am I really back?

My sister decided to run THE GREAT BEACON SCAVENGER HUNT 2015 for her birthday this year. I'm going to be spending most of the day with husband's family at my brother in law's house. My father in law passed away yesterday and while I doubt many people are feeling too festive, it's as good a place as any to spend time together.

The list of items that I need to find can be seen at

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I am assembling the felted wool for a katwise coat and MUST include this discontinued yo yo diet yarn! It's a gorgeous rose purple green and cream handmade yarn made by a womens collective. I get stunning yarn and feel good about supporting Nicole's business! (This is a contest entry, in case it's not clear by the background of the photo.)

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*banging head into wall*

I posted this yesterday on a writing forum:

Tomorrow 3 of my 4 kids start school. I'm going to have SO MUCH time to write... if my toddler cooperates I've got a netbook, though, and can set her up with "work" to do while I write. And if things go well, I'll be able to hire a babysitter for some time, too. *Crossing my fingers*

21 hours later, I posted again:

Today was the first day of school. Laura spent the day talking. The WHOLE day, barely pausing for breath. I have never ever hear her talk this much. Like... she'd pause, barely, for replies. QUICK, talk before the other kids get home and I don't get a turn!!!! If Gary thinks I can work with her, he's on crack.

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OOOH! Stuff you can make RIGHT NOW:
Asparagus is coming into season
Mangos (imported) are in season is loaded with fabulous recipes. I could spend all day there.


Some really cool links on food preservation:

ETA: This blog said she's focusing on low sugar stuff:

Canning recipes that grabbed my attention today Collapse )